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As from a young age, Tamara spent most of her time in the kitchen as exploring the secrets of pastry is her favourite hobby. At Désiré de Lille, an Antwerp tea-room with national fame, she worked her way up and eventually became co-owner and manager of it, not least because of her unstoppable dynamism and great cooking talent. In April of 2017, she was featured in an episode from “The great British bake-off”, a programme by Paul Hollywood, an English celebrity chef. Mr Hollywood famously ended the episode stating that Antwerp might well be the “food capital of Northern Europe”, words not to be taken lightly! Watch the video.

Over the past decades, Tamara has been experimenting many, many times with different ingredients and tastes which has led to unique recipes that stand out in Belgium and are gaining fast international recognition too as can be seen from the different locations around the world where she has been asked already (India, Middle East, Indonesia). One piece of dynamite, Tamara breaths food and has constantly been experimenting for 20 years trying to improve tastes for most of her exclusive recipes.

Tamara’s fame is spreading fast around the world as she is not only being asked in Europe but has enlightened also
weddings at the other side of the planet in Goa (India), Bahrein (Middle East) and Bali (Indonesia).



Freshly baked “crêpes”

As with the Brussels wafle, extra attention is given to the “lightness” of the crêpes while upholding a great taste.

Délices Lacquements

This culinary specialty from the region of Liège was created by Désiré Smidts at the Antwerp carnival many decades ago.

Mr Smidts was the Founder of Désiré de Lille, the tea-room where Tamara gained all her experience. She is a specialist in this thin wafer

Scrumptious “Smoutebollen”

This traditional Belgian food is also called “oliebollen” although there are subtle differences.

Tamara has made hundreds of thousands of them for both the tearoom and at funfairs and knows how to get them exactly right for your happening.

Sweet “Liège Waffle"

Although the “Brussels waffle” is Tamara’s trademark, she has also optimized the taste and intensity of the “Liège Waffle” and can present a Délices feeling for you and your guests.

Crispy Brussels Waffles

Freshly prepared from a yeast-leavened batter, we present to you a light, crispy waffle that melts in your mouth and savours your tastebuds. Much attention is being given to the “lightness” as this ensures that you don’t feel “heavy” afterwards.

Famous Toppings

Next to our most famous toppings (sugar, freshly whipped cream, fruits, original Belgian chocolate sause), we like to think together with you and are open for any kind of topping that seems most suitable for your occasion at hand.



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